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MSNBC is an American news-based pay television cable channel, owned by the NBCUniversal Worldwide News Group division of NBCUniversal (all of which are ultimately owned by Comcast). It provides NBC News coverage as well as its own reporting and political commentary on current events.

MSNBC and its website were founded in 1996 under a partnership between Microsoft and General Electric's NBC unit, hence the network's naming. Although they had the same name, and MSNBC maintained separate corporate structures and news operations. was headquartered on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington, while MSNBC operated out of NBC's headquarters in New York City. Microsoft divested itself of its stakes in the MSNBC channel in 2005 and in in July 2012. The general news site was rebranded as, and a new was created as the online home of the cable channel.

A customer they lost talk about it. He said in a review: "MSNBC is a communist based news station with propaganda to only push there agenda. The hate that is spewed from this station is disgusting. People open your eyes and think for yourself while you still can. Cause if this station has there way you will only be able to think what they want you to and do as they tell you to. I'm watching this country fall apart and news outlets like this are supporting it. They breed hate, close mindedness, and corruption. These people should be ashamed of themselves. But they have no soul no sense of right and wrong. I'm happy to see that they have a one star review. It tells me people are waking up. Hopefully it's not to late".


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Segment Producer (Former Employee) says

"You'll get paid well and you'll get to be part of something that people watch all around the country. You'll also be surrounded by backstabbing snakes, inept management, and a culture of bullying and blame that trickles down to lower level employees. If you have a chance to take a job here, do so, because some teams are better than others and you may get lucky. It looks good on a resume and 30 Rock is a great place to work. And the money is ridiculous. But don't let your guard down, and don't be the nice, eager, overzealous employee. You'll paint a target on your back. Keep your head down, do your work, save your best clips, befriend the anchors many of whom are very cool, and stay strong. Best of luck in the lion's den! :)great pay, autonomy, ability to make something lots of people watchcoverage is dictated by corporate, narrow coverage that ignores anything that won't get high ratings, the worst coworkers I've ever had in my life"

Production Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The management and producers expect their assignments to be done with little regard for what you want to learn. It's hard to develop skills for the next level of experience and higher positions because of the work load. Supervisors don't always look out for you and you often have to develop skills on your own time with little help from experienced staff.exciting news envirinmentno lunch breaks, low pay"

Contributor (Current Employee) says

"MSNBC is a world leader in the news business. Any time you have the opportunity to work with a company like this, you have to take it. Be willing to learn and you'll gain a lot from any position with this company."

Writer/Producer (Former Employee) says

"Professional and sincere, if not the most forward thinking group out there. I found my co workers to be smart and hard working, in spite of constant deadline pressure."

Editor/Writer (Former Employee) says

"Interesting work, interesting people, interesting topics, great location. Great commute. Great stories to tell friends and family members. Learned good skills."

Production Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The company's chairman is currently pushing for a lot of changes, and with that there's always good and bad. The company is shifting towards more hard news coverage, and distancing itself from its liberal commentary."

Summer Researcher (Former Employee) says

"I loved my co-workers and being apart of such a great show was rewarding. The work was intense and solid. Sometimes the perspectives of the people there were very much in a bubble of privileged lifestyles.Great teamSometimes out of touch perspectives on life"

Joe says

"It s not news, it s communist opinoins. "

Joe says

"MSNBC is far worse than CNN when it comes to spreading fake news. It is nothing but far left-wing propaganda spewing out nonsense hateful garbage 24/7. MSM is getting very ridiculous with their constant lies as they like to twist the truth around right in our faces no matter what. Those bias two-faced hypocritical reporters, anchors, and journalists are nothing but communist lying nutjobs. Sadly, comedians except for late-night hosts tell more truth than MSM ever will and it is best to turn off your television to search for truth online on the internet as there are legit news sites for truth and facts with evidence to support their stories. Free your mind and break this evil chain of toxic MSM trash that is poisoning and polluting your minds with filths. MSNBC is a brainwashing channel to watch and listen to so stay far away from this channel because they have their own agenda. Good grief!"

Tim Tom says

"This news outlet has caused the public to lose 100 percent trust in journalism."

Makena James says

"If I could put 0 stars, I would. MSNBC is all about fake news, and they also endorse the deep state, as they belong to the mainstream media that endorses the deep state. Actually, Trump won fair and square, and Trump won by a landslide. However, Joe Biden conspired with many other democrats and RINOs to cheat and steal the election using voter fraud. He even admitted that he used voter fraud, and yet he is being allowed to get away with it because he has the whole mainstream media behind him. I never watch this bogus fake news anymore because they falsely say Biden won fair and square in order to cover up Biden's cheating and let him and the democrats win. After the voter fraud that took place in Georgia that allowed the democrat senators there to cheat and win, I will say nothing but bad things about this news source. The democrats did not win fair and square, and they do not represent us. From now on, I will ignore the media. I will ignore the government. I will ignore the mask mandates, the social distancing mandates, and the COVID restrictions. The scamdemic is over. Everyone, ignore the media and treat life as if there is no COVID!"

Charlie Nicole says

"You may want to get all of your facts straight before putting “Fake news” out! So many news networks including yours has completely lost my respect. I’m pretty sure none of your were raised to know what respect and honor are! So many dramatics instead of focus on the American people! Don’t you get sick of gossip and talk?!? Quit having your own motives, it’s absolutely sickening! Plus I’ve never seen in my years the amount of disrespect shown towards any President!!!! There’s a reason you have such a low review rating! I’d start using my brains if I were you! #TrumpSupporter #AmericanSupporter #FreedomOfSpeech #StopTheHate #SpeakTruth #Respect #Love #Honor #Integrity #OurRights"

Gemma Dinanath says


Nora says

"A zero is what you really deserve. How are you going to continue to keep the lid on all the truth that is being exposed that you have debunked, denied, or called disinformation for months… Hunter Biden scandal, Salwell, And the biggest of all the massive fraud during the 2020 election. You have no integrity or credibility. Have fun with that😂"

Jon Zerba says

"I love watching msnbc. I am so sick of switching channels back and forth between msnbc and cnn, on commercial brakes. I am wearing out my cable remote. NOBODY watches commercials. You don’t need to be college educated to figure it out. Advertise less, and charge more for your spots. It’s sickening to pay for cable tv, to watch commercials."

ben allen says

"Lies, indoctrination, propaganda. Shame on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow is a lesbian who spreads hate against Christians. Is it a surprise she has admitted to a very real struggle with chronic depression?

Rachel Maddow's coverage and inaccuracy of reporting on Answers in Genesis is a complete sham.

Someone who is disillusioned enough to be married to the same sex, should in no way be accredited to deliver national news. On most issues she does not do her research.

Our country is facing many problems, because of the loss of family values, starting with the lack of having a good father be the head of the household.

Sorry Rachel, the government can't fix our problems only God can. The more our country gets away from good biblical values, the more problems we have; this we know to be true.
Spreading false natratives. Not a reliable news source. Boldly punitive to the ideas that made the USA the greatest nation in the history of the world. Disgusted in this network. Lieing and intentionally deceiving good people to create division in this country, should have no place on a national stage."

Ira B says

"If you’re a republican you absolutely hate it and if you’re a Democratic you love it. Me personally I think it sucks and is overly biased. Now for example if you like FOX you’re a republican and if goos Democratic you hate cause FOX is just as biased as MSNBC. My opinion is they both suck. Both are trying to brainwash you and now the country is sooooo divided it’s horrible. The left is tooooo far left and the right is toooo far right. This country needs to be fixed before the world just blows up"

Karim Mansouri says

"ABC news lacks in objective journalism. Journalists are supposed to present all sides of news. ABC news call the President of the United States a liar, without presenting any evidence. Shocking."

Sophia Vi says

"Wow...this news team sucks!"

Vincent Viscardi says

"Hate filled nonsense. Only truelly ignorant people watch this crap. Brainwashed conforming lunatics. Do as I say not as I do liberal fools! Hate has filled these people. Hate, hate, hate. They know nothing else. Come back to the light. Fill your heart with love. But its to late for most. They are corrupted."

Pamela Hollingsworth says

"Not the journalists America needs. Biased and not to appeal to all people. Corrupt news!!"

Gemma Dinanath says

"no stars, just disgust and disdain for your lies and corruption, your hate for America and the patriotic citizens of this country. You never report the truth. you hide behind deceit and greed.President Trump has opened up the SWAMP and shown the world the true identity of the media and the nasty, evil Demoncrats.good luck in your endeavours1"

Janel Manos says

"I love MSNBC. I watch it all of the time and I'm a huge fan. However, Morning Joe is just awful. Joe is so dominating and thinks very highly of himself. He talks non stop and barely lets Mika and Willy speak. He constantly interrupts...constantly. He is so arrogant. They are also very boring and Mika always acts like she is beneath Joe and just his little sidekick."

Dave Berks says

"Despicable and evil liberal shills. A propaganda wing of the CCP. Defund this complete trash of a channel. Part of a coup to steal the election - utter traitors. Complete morons who watch this unadulterated left wing bile."

SA says

"How can you employ an individual that states racists comments such as Joy Reid when she publically on the news cast refers to a sitting Supreme Court Justice "Uncle Clarence". She needs to be fired immediately for disrespecting an acclaimed individual!!"

john scannell says

"If I could give msnbsc no stars I would . News should be impartial not biased . The hosts slam trump every opportunity. He’s not my favorite guy but he’s right ... fake news . This show is pathetic. People want the truth not just a show with democratic lens slamming everyone else . Poor poor poor . Look at your reviews in the toilet. Fire the management and hosts"

Alex Pierides says

"They are ok but are going in the path of super radical and very radical extremist CNN and FOX. It is ok but still decently fake!"

Billie Wash says

"After listening to Joe and his female puppet I am finally exhausted with their unabashed liberal bias. Even the morning after they continue to show their liberal affection touting a hopeful Biden win! Unbelievable and sad. I thought it was their responsibility to report both sides of the news and not take sides?? This is one program that should be removed from the air as they have not done the American public justice. All there silly one-sided polls trying to sway voters that a Blue Wave was eminent! Really? As far as NBC I for one will never watch again and as Willie G is guilty by association Ill also stop watching his contribution to daily and Sunday TV. I can't forget how Savannah of Today show fame crucified President Trump during debate format while everyone at NBC and MJ's Mika (scorned woman diagnosed) patted her on back for a great performance all while Biden was, with child like handling, suckled from the warmth of a comforting press teat!" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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